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Advanced Nightscape Astrophotography & Timelapse Workshop.

Join senior photography expert Babak Tafreshi (TWAN) for a 7-day intensive workshop covering nightscape astrophotography, photo editing and processing & timelapse techniques.  

A unique opportunity to join a world-leading astrophotographer Babak A. Tafreshi  for a week on La Palma, the Europe's stargazing paradise. Babak is the founder of TWAN or The World at Night program and a National Geographic photographer based in Boston (US), specialized in nightscape and timelapse imaging, connecting the Earth and sky, bridging art and science. The 5-day intensive workshop covering landscape astrophotography, image processing & timelapse techniques. The program will include trips to various parts of the island including the European Northern Observatory.

* Aimed at photographers and/or astronomers with some experience on photo processing & timelapse.*

Dates: 26 May - 2 June 2019 (below calendar shows starting time/date only)

Location: Island of La Palma (Canary Islands)

Language of workshop: English.

Recommendations & requirements for workshop, about the lecturers and complete programme will be emailed later.

Participants may pay in full at this stage or just the deposit. However, full payment will have to be completed before 1st March.

The activity is not available.



  • Definition of Nightscape Photography
  • Best cameras, lenses, and accessories for low-light imaging
  • Preparation, how to apply the latest tips and apps for planning your nightscape images
  • Best celestial events and targets to photograph and when, where and how to shoot them
  • From short exposure Milky Way and constellation images to long exposure star trails
  • Using portable star trackers for deeper nightscape and astroimages
  • How to use natural and artificial lights at night, from the moonlight to light-painting techniques
  • Creating Panoramas, All-Sky images and Virtual Realities
  • Creating timelapse videos of sky motion and night-day transitions
  • Processing images and photo sequences in Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, and LRTimelapse
On site instruction will include what to shoot, selecting composition, camera settings and lens selection.

More information

Fees include:

  • Course Fees*
  • Visit to the Observatory
  • Accommodation at the Observatory (see conditions*)
  • 4-6 practical sessions (weather permitting)
  • Meals***
  • Over 30 hours of theoretical sessions (6 days full time, 1 day off)
  • Transport to photoshooting sites around the island
  • Hot beverages and snacks at photo sessions
  • Insurance, tax & assistance**

* Fees exclude: accommodation (except accommodation at the Observatory if granted. Pending on permissions by the Observatory).

**European Participants are strongly advised to travel to La Palma with a valid European medical card. The Insurance will cover participants while in La Palma only (accident related to workshop). Participants are strongly adviced to get a suitable travel insurance & equipment insurance from and to your place of origin and during workshop. Please notify any food allergies and altitude sickness.

***Meals included only on course days: Lunches & dinners. Please book your accommodation with breakfast included.

We understand that your plans may change after registration. You may cancel with a 300 EUR cancelling fee if cancellation takes place before the 1st April. Cancellation requests made between dates up to 25th April will be charged with a 60% of the course fee. No refunds will be available for cancellations from 25th April (0:00 local time). Please take this into account when you sign up for the workshop. In the event of cancellation on our part, all due to unexpected major events, such as but not limited to weather and natural calamities, you will be fully refunded. In case of severe illness/accident of the instructor, we will notify you and we will substitute him by another photographer at TWAN. If this is short notice and it is not possible to rearrange and we are forced to cancel you will be fully refunded. Minimum number of participants is 7.


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